The Cell: Anatomy and Division - Exercise 4

Human Anatomy & Physiology I • BIOL 2111

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Cell models

Be able to identify these cellular structures and cellular organelles in both cell models:

Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual exercise questions

Exercise 4 Table 4.1

(p. 33 in 8th Ed., p. 42 in 9th Ed.)
Be able to match organelle names and their descriptions.

Exercise 4 Review Sheet

(p. 525 in 8th Ed., p. 49 in 9th Ed.)
Be able to identify all the cell parts in question 3.

Exercise 5 Figure 5A.3

(p. 46 in 8th Ed., p. 59 in 9th Ed.)
For each of the three pictures, be able to describe the type of solution surrounding the cell: