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  • If you are a new student, report to the Student Success Center, currently in the 400 Building across from the Student Wellness Center.

  • If you are a returning student, you should see your advisor.

  • If you are a returning student with 24 or more hours and no Learning Support requirements, you may register yourself in Banner Web, but we strongly encourage you to see your advisor.

1. Complete your application to Bainbridge College ONLINE or in the Admissions Office and supply necessary documents, like transcripts and immunization records.

2. Take the COMPASS in the Testing Department in the Library (BC Campus) unless you have SAT scores, and they are higher than 440 math AND 480 verbal. Prepare for the COMPASS with these practice tests.

3. Register for classes in the Advising Center. Make sure you enroll in classes listed under your first major. If you place in Learning Support, those classes must be the first ones on your schedule, and you cannot withdraw from them during the semester. If you are working toward an AA or AS degree, don't forget to register for the Regents' Test if you are required  and qualified to take it. If you want to take a web class, make sure you understand its requirements listed at Online Courses.

4. Get your Student ID in the Student Wellness Center. You must have your ID with you AT ALL TIMES on campus, and you can't check out library books or use other college services without your ID. Learn your 9000 student number on your ID.

5. Get your Parking Permit in the Business Office in the Mobley Administration Building.

6. Learn to use your BC email. To find out your BC email address, log into Banner Web using your 9000 number as your user ID and your 6-digit Banner PIN (which was given to you by Admissions when you were accepted) as your password. If you can't remember your PIN, see Admissions in person. See directions for using BC email here.

7. Get your textbooks at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the Student Services Building. If you are planning to charge books against your financial aid, you must buy your books during the "charge dates" listed on the Bainbridge College homepage. If your financial aid is not ready during those dates, you can find all Learning Support textbooks and books from a few other classes on reserve in the Library. You can't check them out, but you can use them there until you can get your books.

8. Attend class and be on time! THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO SUCCESS IN COLLEGE IS ATTENDING EACH AND EVERY CLASS. In addition, you cannot receive financial aid if you don't attend class. If you quit attending, you may have a balance due on your account.

9. Sign up for a free tutor from the Advising Center in the Student Services Building for any weak subject areas.

10. Pay attention in class--turn off your cell phone--sit in the front--take good notes--ask questions--get involved in class--talk to your instructors and your classmates. Exchange email and phone information with a couple of classmates.

11. Study outside of class every day and do assignments early. Most instructors do not accept late work.

12. Check your grades at the end of the semester in Banner Web. We do not mail grades. Log into Banner Web. Your User ID is your 9000 number, and your password is your Banner PIN.

13. Ask for help if you have a problem. Don't just quit coming to class, or you will receive an F. F's will be on your transcripts forever and can hurt your financial aid, which requires a 67% success rate in all classes.