English Composition 1101-1102

French 1001, 1002, and 2001

ENGL 1101 is a composition course focusing on the college-level skills needed for effective writing in a variety of contexts. The course develops your abilities to read, write, and think critically; at least one essay requires the use of research methods and materials. Students who complete this course will have practiced several times writing for the Regents’ Test.

ENGL 1102 is a composition course that develops your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills abilities beyond the proficiency achieved in ENGL 1101. Broadly stated, the course attains its objectives through writings and studying literary works chosen from three genres: prose (short stories), poetry, and plays. The course integrates media-rich technology that expands literary exploration. Students who complete this course will strengthen their research skills through writing a research paper.

French 1001, 1002, and 2001 are classes designed for an intensive introduction to the French language and the cultures of the French-speaking, or Francophone, world.  Over the course of the semester, students combine home study of grammatical concepts with in-class use of increasingly complex structures to become more and more adept at participating in situations from daily life using French.  This course is highly interactive, so missing a class session and/or coming to class late or unprepared will have a negative impact on the language-learning experience.  Successfully completing this course will require daily study outside of class and active participation in class.

About Me

Whether or not you consider yourself a good writer, my English courses will help you become a better one. You will learn and refine your grammar skills, expand your vocabulary, and ultimately, improve your writing ability. Writing well is a useful skill no matter what profession you pursue in your life.

As an instructor, I do my best to make my classes interesting and challenging. I have taught English for 5 years at Bainbridge College, and last fall I added French language classes to my teaching.  Prior to 2004, I worked in the statewide assessment office at the Dept. of Education in Tallahassee, FL, where I wrote teacher certification test questions and statewide exams for students in Florida.  Since coming to Georgia, I have focused my teaching and research interests on how I can better meet the educational needs of students. I teach mostly Web and Web-enhanced composition classes and stay attuned to the multidisciplinary approaches to the humanities and sciences. My goal is to provide students with vital knowledge of academic writing and world literature, as I attempt to promote creative thinking and strategies for researching and assessing in learning environments without traditional classroom borders. As a teacher with interests in cultural studies, I engage students in writing topics that attempt to find peace in the uncertain world after September 11, 2001.

I enthusiastically practice what I teach.  In 2008, I traveled around the world, visiting six countries on four continents. I attended a conference in Belize, spent a month in Morocco and Spain studying immigration and migration issues, and taught English to medical doctors in Paris.  In August, I returned home from Tianjin, China, after teaching a graduate course to Chinese students who want to become English teachers. Just for pleasure during the 2008 Christmas holidays, I toured India by train; the highlight of my travels was riding safari atop an 11 foot elephant in the foothills of the Himalayas, where I photographed a Bengal tiger. In previous summers, I taught on the USG Paris program and received grants to study in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Thailand. This summer, I traveled to Germany and Lebanon for two weeks to visit friends teaching abroad and returned to China to teach for six weeks.

Fall 2009

The semester begins on August 18, and classes starts immediately.  Make learning a high priority. Engage the instructor, class subject, e-classroom setting, and classmates. Be ready to show interest and a positive attitude. Follow instructions for submitting all work on time and meet all other deadlines. Completing assignments and resolving technology issues remain the student’s responsibility. Carefully read the course syllabus. Send email messages or call me for help as needed.

Student Projects