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A major function of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the ongoing efforts of the college's Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP—improving online learning. Learn more about the QEP.


Creating Accessible Online Courses

It is the responsibility of faculty to ensure their online courses meet basic accessibility standards. The basic requirements are described below along with links to other resources. Contact the CTE for help ensuring your courses are accessible.

A quick guide to building accessible courses

For all documents whether web pages, docs, or PDFs


See this article about creating accessible PDF handouts from PowerPoint.

Using a template

The CTE can provide a template for you to use when creating web pages for your online courses. The template can be used when creating pages in Microsoft Expression or simply by altering the content inside GeorgiaVIEW. Contact the CTE for more help or information about using templates.

What about accomodations?

The disabilities statement you include in your syllabi says that students with disabilities should contact our disabilities coordinator so that appropriate accommodations can be made in classes. In general, our web-based courses must be accessible to those with visual and auditory disabilities without special accommodations. Part of the reason for this is that the laws say web content of any kind must be accessible. So even our general college website should be accessible. Likewise, our online courses must be generally accessible even if a student has not asked for special accommodations. Accommodations do come into play, however, when a student is identified by our disabilities office as needing one. Such students can get extra time for quizzes, for instance, or other help that properly accommodates their disability. But again, courses should be generally accessible without anyone requesting accommodations.

Other resources for understanding accessibility

USG Accessibility information

WebAIM Section 508 Checklist

Faculty Focus article on Improving Accessibility