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A major function of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the ongoing efforts of the college's Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP—improving online learning. Learn more about the QEP.

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Resources for Teaching Online

Teaching online and teaching in a traditional classroom are two very different things. Online courses must be deliberately designed for learning in the online environment, and instructors must engage students in a way that is different from instructors in traditional classrooms.

Currently, faculty are involved in a process of designing and redesigning online courses as part of our Quality Enhancement Plan. Learn more about the QEP here.


The document Designing and Teaching Online Courses has a summary of the major ideas involved to create online courses and teach them successfully.

See the Creating Content for Online Courses page for help developing content for online courses and links to other resources.

Some resources for teaching online are provided in the Faculty Resources course inside GeorgiaVIEW. If you cannot find the course, contact the CTE to be sure you are enrolled in it.

In addition to the help pages inside GeorgiaVIEW, there are some tutorials for faculty here: Tutorials for GeorgiaVIEW

See also, Rubrics.