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A major function of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the ongoing efforts of the college's Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP—improving online learning. Learn more about the QEP.

The pursuit of teaching excellence!

Being an excellent instructor is a lifelong process. There is always something we could do better. Always some assignment that could be improved. Always some concept that students struggle to learn for which we can provide a better learning experience. We strive to lead students into lifelong learning. Good instructors, likewise, seek to better their craft year after year.

To this end, the Center for Teaching Excellence is here to facilitate the on-going advancement of instructional excellence in both online and face-to-face courses at Bainbridge College.

The main CTE working spaceWhat is here for you?

The CTE provides professional development opportunities, a comprehensive pedagogy library, computers and software for courseware development, consultation on course design and course issues, and a variety of activites in response to faculty needs and requests.