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A major function of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the ongoing efforts of the college's Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP—improving online learning. Learn more about the QEP.


Quality Enhancement Plan

Our Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP, is a five-year plan to improve student learning as required by our accrediting agency, SACS. The Bainbridge College community chose the topic of "Improving Online Learning" as our focus. More about the development of the plan can be found on the QEP site.

The QEP in 49 words

Through the application of "best practices" in online learning, our QEP will result in increased student retention and performance in online classes as we better prepare students for online learning, train faculty in online pedagogy and course design and seek to ensure that all our online courses are exemplary.

How is this being accomplished?

The QEP is just getting under way; so details about the implementation are not yet available. However, we can say at this point that the process involves training faculty in best practices in online teaching and course design, and then helping faculty through the process of designing or redesigning courses to follow well-established guidelines for quality online course design.