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A major function of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the ongoing efforts of the college's Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP—improving online learning. Learn more about the QEP.

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Pedagogy Library


The CTE maintains a library with a wide range of books and other resources for learning more about everything from theories of learning to practical how-to's in classroom instruction. Faculty may check-out books from the library the same way they do from our college library. You can review the collection online or just come by and puruse the library at your leisure.

In addition, we have a collection of videos called the 20 Minute Mentor in which experts address issues of concern to many faculty. Currently, the videos are available only in the CTE, but will eventually be available to BC faculty for viewing online. The topics are:

Can Service-Learning Work in My Discipline?
Cell Phones, Laptops and Facebook: What Can I Do About Them?
How Can Document Sharing Tools Help Students Collaborate?
How Can I Clarify Fuzzy Learning Goals?
How Can I Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills?
How Can I Learn Student Names?
How Can I Promote Deep Learning through Critical Reflection?
How Can I Promote Deep, Lasting Student Learning?
How Can I Properly and Legally Dismiss a Student From a Class?
How Can I Transform My Tests into Learning Tools?
How Can I Use Voice Feedback to Improve Student Learning?
How Do I Assign Students to Groups?
How Do I Create a Climate for Learning in My Classroom?
How Do I Create Engaging Threaded Discussion Questions?
How Do I Discuss Academic Integrity During the First Class?
How Do I Get More Students to Participate in Class?
How Do I Get Started with Service-Learning?
How Do I Get Students to Read Their Assignments Before Class?
How Do I Give Feedback that Improves Student Writing?
How Do I Use VoiceThread for Online Student Discussions?
How Flexible Should I Be With Non-Traditional Students?
How Should I Handle Pushy Parents?
How Should I Respond to Wrong (or Not Very Good) Answers?
I'm Teaching Online Next Term. What Do I Have to Know?
Is Team Teaching Right for Me?
Learner-Centered Teaching—Where Should I Start?
My Student Has a Mental Health or Substance Issue. Now What?
Should I Take Attendance?
What Are My Multiple Choice Test Results Telling Me?
What Are My Rubric Results Telling Me?
What Are the Three Worst Mistakes to Make in the Classroom?
What Can I Do About Feeling Tired, Stressed and Burned Out?
What Can I Do to Increase Student Retention?
What Can I Learn From Student Ratings?
What Can I Legally Tell People Who Call Me About My Students?
What Do I Do If I Suspect a Student Has Asperger’s Disorder?
What if a Student Asks a Question I Can’t Answer?
What Should I Do When a Student Challenges my Authority?
What Should I Do When Students Say They Have a Disability?