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Using AuthorPoint Lite to Convert PowerPoint to Flash

If you have not already seen it, read the PowerPoint page for the reasons why you would want to use AuthorPoint Lite.

Download a PDF of these instructions.
Watch a movie tutorial.

In short, you will convert your narrated PowerPoint (PPT) to a group of files using AuthorPoint Lite. Then you will zip the files and upload that one zip file into GeorgiaVIEW. After extracting that zipped file, you will place one of the files where you want the presentation in your course.

Here are step-by-step details.

  1. Click on the AuthorPoint Lite tab inside PowerPoint. It is usually toward the right of the screen.

Author point lite tab

  1. This opens the AuthorPoint Lite options across the top. On the left, you will see the box below. Click on Convert to Flash.

Convert to Flash option

  1. This opens the AuthorPoint dialogue. The name given, by default, is the same as your PPT. You can change it here if you want. Note where AuthorPoint will be saving your files. You can change the location if you want by clicking the Change button. When you are ready, click the Send button.

Author Point Lite dialoge

When you get a "Send was successful" message, you can close the dialogue.

  1. Now we need to go into the folder where these files were just created. Open your My Documents from your desktop and browse to the folder. You will see the following folders inside that folder.

Creates two folders called aP Lite Flash and PowerPoint

  1. You can completely ignore the PowerPoint folder. Go inside the aP Lite Flash folder. Inside it, you will see files like these you see below.

Author point creates a number of files

  1. Select all the files in the folder and zip them into one file. There are a number of zip programs, so exactly how you do this will vary, but in most cases you can right click after selecting all the files and add the files to a zip archive. This will open a dialogue similar to the one you see below created with 7zip.

The 7 zip dialoge

  1. The default setting should work fine in most cases. Note that the file name provided at the top is the same as the folder name. You should change this to a name that will be meaningful to you inside GeorgiaVIEW like "Chapter 1 presentation." When you click OK, it creates the zip file and adds it to the folder. In the example below, the zip file was renamed AuthorPoint.

Folder with zip file

  1. Now, we need to get this file inside GeorgiaVIEW. Go to your file manager for the course. From the Build Tab, select File Manager from your Designer Tools at the bottom left of the screen.

Designer Tools

  1. Then choose Get Files, then My Computer and navigate to the zip file you just created. Select it to upload it into your file manager. The file will appear in your file list like you see below. In this example, it was called AuthorPoint.zip. Click on the Action Link next to the name and select Extract.

File manager showing imported file

GeorgiaVIEW unpacks that zipped file and creates a folder by the same name as you see below.

Created folder

  1. Now we need to put the presentation where we want it. Go back to your course content and navigate to the learning module or page where you want to put the presentation. Choose Add File and then Browse for Files.

Add the file

  1. Navigate to the folder that was just created when you unpacked the zip file and click on it to go inside it. You will see files and folders like those below. All you need to bother with is the file titled, "Index.html." Select it and click OK.

Inside the unpacked folder

  1. The file is added as you see below. Note the title it has been given. This is the title students will see, so you will probably want to change it to something meaningful. Just click the Action Link by the name and select Edit Properties.

  1. Then in the Title area, delete the current title and type your new one. Do not change anything in the Content area. Click Save.


Change the title

That's it. Your presentation is added to your course.