Communication Rules for this Class

This page outlines communication protocols for this class.

Communication Tool

How I want you to use it.

Instructor College email account

Important! Do NOT contact me using a Bainbridge College email account for the duration of this course unless you have an emergency. Use the WebCT email account in this course to me.

Instructor Response Time

Questions submitted to me via WebCT email or the discussion area will generally receive a reply within 24 hours. Weekends may take longer.


In the case of an emergency, use the email or phone number that is listed in the syllabus.

Communication in General

Communication in an online environment takes special consideration. Do not use acronymns (e.g. text message abbreviations). Be careful when posting a message in the discussion area as everyone in the class will see it, and it cannot be retracted! Please abide by netiquette when talking to your classmates.