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Copying Course Content

When you enter a course for the first time, you have the option of copying content from migrated courses, or in the future, from other existing courses. But you only get the chance to do this the first time you enter the course, so be sure you understand this process. It is actually quite simple.


First, choose the new course to which you want to add content from your course list inside GeorgiaVIEW.

Course list

After choosing your course, you will see the screen below.

  1. If you have no content to apply to this course, that is, you are starting from scratch, then just use the first option.
  2. The second option, "Copy content from another course," is the one to choose if you are copying content from a migrated course or another existing course.
  3. The third option, "Assign a template to this course," is not likely something you will choose. Talk to OIIT before choosing this option.
  4. The last option, "Import content from file," is what you would choose if importing content from a course that has been exported from another course system.

Assign Content

Next, you must choose which course you want to copy content from. After selecting "continue" from the dialogue pictured above, you will see a list of courses assigned to you as you see here:

Select Content

Select the course you want to copy from and click "continue." The system will go through the process of copying the content. You will see a progress screen like the one below. When it is finished, you can enter the course with the new content.