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Enrolling Students in your section

Faculty have the ability to manually enroll students in GeorgiaVIEW sections when appropriate. During drop/add, for example, someone may add your course but not have access to it for a day or two depending on the time of day they added the class. You can immediately add them to GeorgiaVIEW yourself. But please note: always verify in Banner that a student has added your class before adding them in GeorgiaVIEW.

See unenrolling students.

How to enroll a student

1. From the Teach tab, go to Gradebook and click the Enroll members button.

Click enroll button

2. Enter the student's username (you can get this from Banner if you do not know it). Click the Student box and then the Enroll button.

Click student and then enroll

3. After that, the new student's name appears in a list at the bottom. You must click Save for the process to be completed.

Slick save

4.After that, you will get a confirmation as you see here. Click OK and you are finished.

You will get a confirmation message

See unenrolling students.