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About GeorgiaVIEW

Login to GeorgiaView GeorgiaView Login We call our Course Management System GeorgiaView. It is a system from Blackboard named Vista 8, but here at Bainbridge College and within the USG, we call it GeorgiaView. If you have experience using the older system, WebCT, see the USG's description of what's new in GeorgiaView.

Login to the new GeorgiaView.


Getting Started in the new GeorgiaView

READ THIS! The first time you enter a course you have the option of copying content from migrated courses, or in the future, from other existing courses. But you only get the chance to do this the first time you enter the course. Make sure you understand how to do this. Here's how.

Get Help Fast Help menu

In GeorgiaView look in the upper right-hand corner for a help link. This link is context-sensitive which means it will take you to the part of the online help file related to the page you are on.

Additionally, get help and tech support at the official GeorgiaView help desk.

Here is the official reference manual for instructors (PDF).

GeorgiaView Tutorials

See our tutorials page.