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SafeAssign is a plagiarism-detection tool available inside GeorgiaVIEW. Students submit papers to SafeAssign and instructors get a report that compares the paper to a database of papers and the Internet and provides a report on the degree to which the paper is plagiarized from these other sources.

See Grading and Interpreting SafeAssignment Reports.

Creating SafeAssignments

  1. From the Build Tab, choose the Add Content Link button on the page on which you want to place the SafeAssign drop box and select SafeAssign. You will create one drop box for each course. Students will upload all papers to this one drop box

Select SafeAssign from Add Content Link

  1. Then choose Create SafeAssign or click on a previously created SafeAssignment and click Add Selected.

Create SafeAssignment

  1. This creates the drop box as you see here.


  1. From this point on, everything you do with SafeAssign will be from the Teach Tab. So switch to the Teach Tab and click on the assignment. This takes you inside the drop box where you will see a list of already created assignments for this course, if there are any, and from where you can create new assignments.


  1. To create a new assignment, click on the Create SafeAssignment button. This opens the creation window with a number of options. First, enter a title and a description, or instructions, for the assignment. NOTE: the title you put here will be the name of the column created in the gradebook.

Enter Title

  1. Next, enter a due date and time for the assignment. The text here is a little confusing. "Submissions are accepted after this date," is telling you that the system will allow papers to be submitted after the due date. In other words, it will not stop students from submitting papers late.

Due date

  1. For now, click NO for draft. See Creating Drafts for more information about draft assignments.


  1. The next option lets you choose whether or not students can see the SafeAssign report on their paper when it is completed. The report will show what parts of the paper are plagiarized and where the system found the original material.


  1. The next option is to whether or not to process the paper urgently. Since processing the paper takes time on the server, the amount of time it will take depends on how many other institutions are submitting papers at the same time. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to a day or so. Unless you have some reason to need the paper processed as soon as possible, leave this option set to No.

Process urgently

  1. The last option sets grading options for the paper. You only have two options: either a letter grade (alphanumeric) or a numeric grade. If you choose numeric, you must specify the total points possible.

Grading options

  1. Click Save and your assignment has been created.

Save button

See Grading and Interpreting SafeAssignment Reports.