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Creating Draft Assignments in SafeAssign

If a student submits a draft of a paper to SafeAssign, the paper gets added to the Bainbridge College database (and the Global Reference Database if selected). When the student then submits the final version of the paper, the final paper would be compared to the draft paper as well as everything else in the database. In most cases, this would result in SafeAssign showing the paper as highly plagiarized, since presumably, the original draft which is now in the database and the final paper would be very similar.

To avoid this, SafeAssign allows you to create a draft version of papers. But here is the key principal: you must create a draft version and a final version of the paper. So for your History Essay 1 paper, for instance, you would create a paper called, "History Paper 1 Draft," and a "History Paper 1 Final." For the draft paper only, select Yes under draft in the options when you create the assignment as you see below.

Draft check box

When students submit the draft paper, it is checked for plagiarism and a report is created. If you wish, you can also grade the paper just as you would other papers. However, the paper does not get added to the database so that future versions of the paper that are submitted will not be compared to this draft version.