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Grading and Interpreting SafeAssignment Reports

Once you have created a SafeAssignment (see Creating a SafeAssignment), you can then view the SafeAssign originality report for each student paper submitted and enter a grade.

  1. Click on the name of an assignment to enter it and see student papers and SafeAssign reports.


  1. Once you are inside an assignment, you see a list of all students papers and the options you see below.

Report list

Viewing the SafeAssign Report

To see the details SafeAssign report, click on the SA Report icon: Safeassign iconThis opens the report.

See Interpreting the Report.


Grading the Paper

Select to gradeTo create a grade and comments for a paper, click on the exclamation point in the grade column by each paper. This opens the grade window as you see below. Here, you can add the grade, comments for the student, and/or attach a copy of the paper with your inserted comments or other feedback document. Click Submit when finished.

Grading options