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Unenrolling Students

Once a student is enrolled in your section, the student remains in your grade book forever, but will appear in red. This is so that, in the event they re-enroll in the section, the content they have submitted will reappear once they are re-enrolled.

To unenroll a student, follow these steps:

Click on the Teach tab.

Teach tab

  1. Choose your Grade Book from Instructor Tools.

Gradebook tool

  1. On the left of the grade book, next to each name you want to unenroll, click the check box.

Click the box next to the name

  1. Then click the Unenroll button at the bottom of the screen.

Unenroll button

That's it! Unenrolled students will now appear in red. You can hide unenrolled students so that they do not appear in the grade book. Here's how.