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Communicating in your Course

Making a connection with your students in the online environment is an important part of engaging students in the course—a necessary part of making them active learners. Here are some ideas and links to other resources for accomplishing this.


One key factor in good communications is to communicate regularly with your students. This could be through email, a chat room, discussions, assignment and quiz feedback, telephone, snail mail, or anything else you can devise. The communications do not always need to be lengthy, but students need to know you are paying attention to them. Otherwise, they become like that student who rarely shows up to class.


Provide your students with feedback on their progress in the course. Comment on at least some of their discussion posts. Provide meaningful feedback on their assignments.

Communication Rules

Be sure and provide your students with clear guidelines and expectations about communication. This should include how best to communicate with you (i.e., use the course email link and not your home phone), how quickly to expect a reply from you, how to participate in online discussions, and any other rules pertinent to your course. See an example here.