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Creating HTML inside GeorgiaView

You make documents available to students either as pages that are viewable inside GeorgiaView as a standard web page, or you provide documents that students download and view such as a Word document. Read more about downloadable documents. To make pages viewable right inside GeorgiaView like a standard web page, you need to create an HTML file.

You can create your HTML right inside GeorgiaView with the HTML creator without the need for any other external editors or software. The advantages to this approach are several. First, you do not need to upload anything after you create your page because you are already creating it inside GeorgiaView. Second, you do not need to switch back and forth between software packages. Third, you can see the results of your creation in GeorgiaView immediately, again, without having to upload files. However, using the HTML creator has some important disadvantages. It is slower to operate than an external editor (everything takes place via the Internet), more awkward to use, and it is not as powerful as external editors.

So should I create HTML with the HTML Creator?

It is totally up to you. If you are creating a simple paragraph or two, you might find it easier to just create them inside the HTML Creator. On the other hand, you are likely to be creating a lot of pages of HTML for your course. In that case, it is more efficient to create your pages in an external editor, and then upload them all at once.

Cutting and pasting from Word

Another quick option is to cut and paste text from Word into the HTML Creator. It takes four easy steps:

  1. Copy your Word text to the clipboard.
  2. Turn on the HTML Creator in GeorgiaView (see Using the HTML Creator).
  3. Place your cursor inside the HTML Creator window and paste your content.
  4. Make adjustments as necessary because formatting does not always copy correctly. That's it!

Using the HTML Creator

From the Content File tool, select Create Content File.

Create Content File

Select the "On" button under "HTML Creator."

Turn on

It takes a moment for this Java application to load.


Once it is loaded, you can create your page with the tools provided.

HTML Creator


For more detailed help, see this tutorial on using the html creator in GeorgiaView.