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Improving Instruction with Technology

Using instructional technology to improve instruction can be a daunting task because of the technical hurdles to clear as well as the ever-increasing amount of resources available. Through this website you can find answers to common questions, tutorials to guide you through specific steps to accomplish tasks, ideas for improving instruction and more. Because instructional technology is so malleable, this site will be constantly changing--adding more resources, updating some, and deleting others. Check back often and please tell us of resources you need or can recommend.

New to teaching online? See the QuickStart guide.

ยป News & Announcements

Losing long posts or assignment submissions

September 23, 2009

Occasionally, when a student hits the Post button for a discussion or the Submit button for an assignment, there will be a browser error and the submission will be lost. Correctly configured browsers, as discussed elsewhere, can help avoid this problem. But unfortunately, it does happen sometimes. In order to avoid this unpleasant occurrence, be sure and tell your students to compose long responses—whether in discussions or assignments—offline in something like Word, and then cut and paste the composition into their GeorgiaVIEW discussion or assignment. This way, they will not lose their work if something goes wrong.

Using AuthorPoint lite

September 1, 2009

If you need to put narrated PowerPoint presentations into GeorgiaVIEW, AuthorPoint Lite is a free and relatively easy way to do it. See this page for new directions and a tutorial for using it.

The switch has been flipped!

August 10, 2009

As of 1 p.m., Monday, August 10, we are officially no longer using WebCT and are now using Vista 8, or GeogiaVIEW as we call it. The link from the BC homepage will now take you to GeorgiaVIEW rather than WebCT. Until October 7, you will continue to have access to WebCT for archival purposes only. NO TEACHING should be taking place in WebCT from this point on. If you have students with summer incompletes, contact David Pollock to workout a solution.

To access WebCT until October 7, use this URL: https://bainbridge3.view.usg.edu.

The move from WebCT to Vista 8

July, 2009

A few institutions in Georgia have already made the move to the new version of WebCT, Vista 8, or as we call it, GeorgiaView. Most of them, however, including Bainbridge College will be making the move this fall. That means you will be teaching in GeorgiaView beginning with the Fall Semester. By now you should have either requested that existing courses be migrated to GeorgiaView or you have downloaded any files from courses that you may need as you build new courses in GeorgiaView.

What does the move mean to me?

Better tools, such as rubrics; easier navigation of tools in both the build and teach mode; faster uploads and downloads (hopefully); and an overall better interface are some of the things that will benefit you in the new version. If you already know WebCT fairly well, the move will be pretty painless. For newcomers, learning this new version should be easier than the old one. See our resource page to get started.

So is it Vista 8, Blackboard, or what do we call this thing?

WebCT was purchased some time ago by Blackboard. What we have been using, WebCT, has actually been owned by Blackboard most of the time we have been using it and technically called, "WebCT-Vista." But from here on out, our system will be referred to as GeorgiaView here at Bainbridge College as well as by the USG helpdesk.