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Would you like to create quizzes in Word instead of one-by-one in Respondus?  These movie tutorials show you how. 

Formatting in Word - All about how to create a quiz in Word
Importing from Word - How to then import the quiz into Respondus

Formatting quizzes in Word (PDF).
The official Respondus user guide (doc).

Respondus has a large collection of publisher test banks in Respondus format ready to go. Go here for more information.

Tutorial about using publisher test banks with Respondus.

Very quickly...

Here is how to format multiple choice questions in Word.

Questions and answers must have a period or parenthesis and one space after. A title is optional. The correct answer is preceded by an asterisk.

For more detail, see the guides and tutorials listed above.

If you do not have Respondus on your computer, you can download and install it from the Faculty Resources course inside GeorgiaVIEW. If you do not see it in your course list, email support@bainbridge.edu to have it added.