How Do I....Attach a Document to a Discussion, Assignment or Email?

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You have the option of attaching a document to discussion messages, emails, and assignments in GeorgiaVIEW. The image below is from a reply to a discussion message, but the method is the same no matter where you are attaching a document. Click the Add Attachment button.



My computer symbol

Java loading image


When you click the Add Attachment button, the Get Files dialog opens. Under My Files, you should see the Java loading symbol you see here on the left. After it loads, the My Computer symbol is displayed as you see on the right. If you do not see either the Java symbol nor the My Computer symbol, then you most likely have a problem with your Java installation. Contact the help desk for assistance or see Java problems.




Click on My Computer to open a folder on your computer like the one below. Browse to the file you want to attach. Click on the file and click Open. The file will upload into GeorgiaVIEW. Then depending on where you are attaching the file, Post your discussion message, Send your email, or Submit your assignment. Your file will be attached.

A browsing folder


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