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Common Problems in GeorgiaVIEW

Why can't I see content on a page in GeorgiaVIEW?
Why are links and things not lining up right in GeorgiaVIEW?


Why can’t I find my unread messages?
Why isn’t email autocomplete working?
I cannot type an email or discussion post
Cannot access email

How do I view my quiz results?


Why can’t I see content on a page in GeorgiaVIEW?

If you get a blank page when viewing content, check out this help page.



Why are links and things not lining up right in GeorgiaVIEW?

Screenshot of GEORGIAVIEW with text misalignedIf you sign-in to GeorgiaVIEW and notice that links and headings do not appear fully or do not line up like you see in the image here, your font settings likely need to be adjusted.


To do this, go to the dropdown next to your name and select Account Settings.


Account settings are accessed through the link next to your name in the top right corner of the screen


Under Font Settings click on the “Restore Default Font Settings” button and click “Yes” on the pop-up which appears. Afterwards, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and Close. GeorgiaVIEW links and headings should now fit within the format.


Click restore default font setttings

Note: If you want to adjust your view of GeorgiaVIEW to appear larger or smaller, it is recommended that you zoom in or out using your browser settings. To zoom in any browser, simply press Ctrl + (to zoom in) or Ctrl – (to zoom out).


Why can’t I find my unread messages?

In the email tool, you may see that you have unread messages but in your message window it states “There are no messages to display” as you see below.

screenshot of an empty email inbox

Click the filter by option to select all messages


The reason this occurs is because of the selection you have in the Filter by: dropdown. This tool allows you to look at emails for a specific course. You can also select “All messages” and this will display every email, which enables you to see all unread messages.





Why isn’t email autocomplete working?

If you get no matches when typing a name, you probably are not in the course.GeorgiaVIEW will autocomplete the name of the person you are sending to only if you are in a specific course and that user is also in the course. If you try to send an email to an instructor or student from another course, it will not autocomplete as you see here on the right.

To send them a message, go to Select a course... and choose the course they are in and then go to the email tool. From the My GeorgiaVIEW homepage, the autocomplete function also does not work. You will need to navigate to the course to use autocomplete, or use the address book tool.

Note: It is recommended to always send emails from the course as this will inform the user you are emailing what course you are talking about in the subject line.


Cannot type in email or discussion post

If you try to type in the body of an email message or a discussion post but cannot click into the body to type like you see below, this is most likely caused by a functionality issue between Internet Explorer and GeorgiaVIEW.

Unable to click into the message body

If you are using Internet Explorer and experience any issues, particularly related to the display of areas where you enter text (email messages, discussions), try these solutions:

Solution 1: Use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome, or

Solution 2: Try turning off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. To turn off compatibility mode:

  1. Click on Tools in the menu bar and choose Compatibility View settings.

Campatibility view

Don’t see a menu bar? Right click on the top of Internet Explorer and choose Menu Bar to display it.

Right click on menu bar

  1. Make sure Display all websites in Compatibility View is unchecked. Click Close.

Uncheck "display all websites in Compatibility View."

  1. Reload the page.


Cannot access email

When you click on the Communications link and then Email or Pager in your course, are you seeing the following error?

Course homepage showing error message, "This page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."
This is caused by a quiz that you started and did not submit. Depending on the settings for a particular quiz, GeorgiaVIEW can prevent access to email and the pager until a quiz is submitted. To find out the specific quiz which is causing this error, click on the mail icon at the top of GeorgiaVIEW as you see below. You will see a notification that “you must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled” with the name of the quiz you must complete. Clicking on the name will take you to the required quiz.

"You must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled," is displayed when clicking the email icon.

You should:


How do I view my quiz results?