How Do I.....Post a Discussion Response?

Discussions can be a very important part of a course. Here are instructions on how to post discussions and how to make the most out of what you post.

Watch a movie tutorial about posting discussions (4 minutes). Show Me Fast
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Click on Discussion link


You can get to discussions two ways. Clicking on the Discussion link in your Course Tools menu (like you see on the left) will take you to a list of all the available discussions in the course. Or you can simply click on a specific discussion link if it is provided somewhere such as in a learning module. In the Table of Contents you see here on the right is a link directly to a discussion.




If you click on the Discussion tool, you will see a list of available discussions like you see below. Just click on the name of the discussion you want to enter.

Select your discussion from the list










Once you are inside the discussion, you'll see a page like below.

At the top is a description or instructions for the discussion as well as other information such as whether or not the discussion will be graded. At the bottom are all the messages that have already been created. Click on the title to read the message and post a reply.

Most messages in a Discussion are threaded so that you can see a message and the replies to each message. Below is an example of a threaded message.

Example of a threaded message

The messages in green are replying to the first message. Note how they are attached by the gray line on the left. The messages in yellow are replying to the message right above them. Note the line coming down from the message above it.

When replying to a post, be sure you are replying to the message you intend to reply to. Click on the message you want to reply to, and then click the Reply button. This will ensure your message is in the right place in the threaded discussion.

When creating your message—whether it is a new message or a reply to other messages—you must enter a subject. Type your message in the main message box.

The message box

You can Preview your message to see it the way others will see it, and Save as Draft to come back and edit it later before posting. When you are ready to send your message, just click Post.

Learn more by watching this movie tutorial about posting discussions (4 minutes).

If you cannot attach a file, see Java Problems for more information, or as always, contact the help desk for assistance.

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