Using your GeorgiaVIEW email

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Email in GeorgiaVIEW is pretty straight-forward, but there are a few important things to know about it in order to use it effectively.

GeorgiaVIEW email is self-contained inside the system. That is, you cannot email from GeorgiaVIEW to accounts outside of GeorgiaVIEW or vice-versa. That means you can only email people inside your class with the GeorgiaVIEW email system, and email is specific to each course you are in. For instance, you have an email box for your history class and another one for your English class—not just one email box for both.

Since you can only see GeorgiaVIEW email while logged into it, you need to login to GeorgiaVIEW regularly, daily if possible, to see if you have any new email (or other new discussion postings or announcements as well).

Accessing your email from My GeorgiaVIEW
Accessing your email from within a course
Sending new email
Finding recipients

Accessing your email
You can access your email from your My GeorgiaView homepage or from inside each course. After you login to GeorgiaVIEW, you can see if you have new mail inside your different courses without entering them. Look for the new mail icon under the course name in your course list as you see here.

New mail icon

To access email from My GeorgiaVIEW, click on the email link in the upper right-hand corner.

Mail icon

This will take you to a list of your courses as you see below, and will tell you whether or not you have email. To see the email, click on the course name.

Course list

From inside your email box, you can see a list of your messages and create new messages. Click on the name of a message to read it and reply to it.


Email link



To access your email from within a course, instead of from your My GeorgiaVIEW homepage, click on the email link from your Course Menu. This will take you inside your email for that course. Note the green asterisk next to the Mail tool. This indicates you have new email.







Sending email. To send a new message to someone in your course, go into the mail box and click on the "Create Message" button at the top of the inbox.

Create message button

This opens the message window where you must include a subject and a message.

Finding recipients. To choose who to send the message to, you need to click on the "Browse for Recipients" button at the top of the Create Message window like you see below.

Browse for recipients button

This opens another window with a list of possible recipients. Click the check-box in the "To" column next to a person's name to send the message to that person. You can also choose to "CC" a recipient (send them a copy) or "BCC" a recipient (send them a copy of this message without the other recipients knowing it).

Choose email recipients

Once you have chosen your recipients, be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. This adds your reicipents to the message. When you are ready, hit "send" and your message is on its way.

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