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Frequently Asked Questions about GeorgiaVIEW

Where do I login?

The link is provided on the BSC homepage, or click here.

What's my username and password?

See the password page for more information.

How do I know if my computer will work with GeorgiaVIEW (D2L)?

See this help page.

Where are my courses?

For most courses, you will not see the link to them in GeorgiaVIEW until the first day of the semester. So even though you can login to GeorgiaVIEW before the first day, you will not be able to access the course until the first day of the semester. Your courses are listed under the Select a course dropdown on the top of the screen as you see below.

See more information about finding your courses.

Click the select a course link at the top of the page

Why is there nothing in a course when I enter it?

Every course at Bainbridge State College has a section in GeorgiaVIEW even if the course is a traditional course that does not use GeorgiaVIEW. Some instructors in traditional classes may use GeorgiaVIEW to provide handouts and other resources for you while others will have nothing in the GeorgiaVIEW course. If you do not see content in an online class that should have it, please contact the Arts and Sciences or Technical Studies main offices.

Why is a page blank in the content of my course?

It could be that your browser is blocking "mixed content." Learn how to fix this here.

Why do we have to take a tutorial?

To ensure that all students are equipped to be successful in online courses, Bainbridge State College requires all students of fully online courses to complete a tutorial in the basic use of GeorgiaVIEW. The tutorial will typically take less than an hour and ensures that you know how to do basic tasks in GeorgiaVIEW. Most students complete the tutorial as part of their Freshman Year Experience course.

How do I get help?

The Help with GeorgiaVIEW link inside GeorgiaVIEW has how-to files for each of the tools in GeorgiaVIEW as well as other helpful information. Click the Get Help link for live, technical help. Questions about class procedures and issues should be directed to your instructor.