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How do I find my courses?

Your courses for a new semester become available on the first day of the semester. When courses become available, here's how to find them.

Click select a course to find and enter coursesClick "Select a course" at the top of any GeorgiaVIEW page and simply click on the course name to enter it. If you have a lot of courses, click "Load more courses" at the bottom of the window to load more of your courses.

Get all your semester courses in one place by searching and pinning them. In the search box, search for "spring 2014" (or another semester), and then pin the courses to the top of the list by clicking the pin icon as you see below.

Click the pin icon to pin courses to the top of the list.


Every time you click on "Select a course," those pinned courses will be at the top of the list.You can then unpin them at the end of the semester by clicking the pin icon again.


Watch an animation showing you how to find your courses by clicking here