Problems Logging in

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Remember that passwords and usernames are case sensitive and will produce an error if you have blank spaces. Be sure you are entering them correctly with no extra spaces.

What is my username?
Your user name is the first part of your BC email address before the @ sign (username@student.bainbridge.edu). So if John Brown's email address is jbrown7@student.bainbridge.edu, then his username is jbrown7. If you do not know your email address, log into Banner Web to see it. Read more about Banner Web.

What is my password?
Your password is originally the same as your Banner PIN, a six digit number, which was given to you when you first registered at the college. If you have changed your Banner PIN since you were first enrolled in a GeorgiaVIEW course, your Banner PIN and GeorgiaVIEW Password are no longer the same (GeorgiaVIEW holds the original Banner PIN as your password unless you have changed it). If you remember your older Banner password, try logging into GeorgiaVIEW with it.

If this does not correct the problem, you will need to reset your password. If you have previously set-up a secret question inside GeorgiaVIEW, you can reset the password yourself or request help.

Resetting my password with the secret question
If you have previously set-up a secret question inside GeorgiaView, you can reset the password yourself. To do this, from the log-in page, click on the secret question link shown below.

Secret question link

This takes you to the following page. Enter your BC email address.

Forgot password page

You will then see your secret question like below:

Secret question window

Answer the question. If you answer correctly, you will immediately receive an email with a new password which you can then use to login. Be sure to remember this new password for future use, or alternatively, change it once you are inside GeorgiaView.

Requesting help to reset your password
You can have your password reset by emailing support@bainbridge.edu from your BC email address and requesting that your password be reset. It can be reset to your current Banner PIN only. You can also come by the OIIT office in the Maple Center with a photo ID and request a reset. If you need help outside of regular business hours, contact the GeorgiaView helpdesk. From there, click on the Request Support tab.

Request support tab

Using Live Chat or the phone number provided through the Contact Us link, you can speak with service representatives to reset your password. They will send a new password to your BC email address. This is the only way they can reset your password. If you are not in immediate need of doing this, you can choose "submit a help ticket" to have them reset your password later.

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