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I cannot see content

A blank GeorgiaVIEW pageIf you click on content in the table of contents of a course, and you see a blank screen like you see on the right, you might be unable to see the content because of the security settings in your browser. Content that comes from somewhere outside of GeorgiaVIEW can be blocked by your browser because GeorgiaVIEW is secure, and the other content is not. To get around the problem, follow the directions below for the browser you are using.


Internet Explorer






Internet Explorer

In newer versions of Internet Explorer, you may see this message. Click "Show all content" to see the full page.

Click show content

In older versions of Internet Explorer, you may see this message. Click No to see all the content.



In Firefox, the security warning is not very obvious. If you see a blank page, look in the address bar of your browser. If you see the symbol as shown below, the page is being block by Firefox security settings.

Firefox security warning

To see the page, click on the security icon and follow these steps:

Click disable protection on this page


In Chrome, a gray shield is shown on the right end of the address bar if content is being blocked. Click on the shield and then "Load unsafe script" as shown below:

CLick the gray shield and then the load unsafe script