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After you login to GeorgiaVIEW you are taken to your My GeorgiaVIEW homepage. From here you can access each of your courses, see who else is online in your classes, read announcements, access important bookmarks, view your calendar and much more through the different "channels" available there. Watch a movie tutorial about understanding My GeorgiaVIEW (4 minutes) or keep reading!

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Understanding your My GeorgiaVIEW homepage

Entering your courses. To go into individual courses, just click on the name of a course in the course list in the middle of the page. This will take you to the main page of your course.

Course list page


Hiding parts of your homepage. You can hide some channels, such as the To Do List, so that they To do listdo not show-up on your homepage. To do this, simply click on the action link beside the item (as shown to the right), and then click Hide To Do List. To bring back hidden channels, go to the Channels link in the upper right hand corner (as shown below).

Channels link

Then put a check mark by those channels you want to keep (as shown below). Note that some of the channels are grayed-out. You cannot remove these channels. Show Me Fast Show me fast

Select channels page


Who's Online. The Who's Online tool is on the bottom right of your homepage. It tells you Who's online toolhow many people are currently online in each of your courses (see Who's Online to the right). When you click on the course name, you go to the Who's Online page where you can see exactly who is online andinvite them to a live chat if you want. From this same page, you can also change the status of yourself in Who'sOnline from Visible/Available to Visible/Unavailable or Invisible. When set to invisible, no one else can see that you are online (see below).

Who's online page











My grades channelMy Grades. The My Grades channel tells you if you have new grades in any of your courses. Click on the course name to see the actual grades. Please be aware that not all grades show-up automatically when you think they should be. Your instructor has to release grades after grading. Contact your course instructor if you think a grade should be available that is not.



Calendar day channel

Using your Calendar. By default, you have a Calendar Day channel and a Calendar Week channel. These channels list calendar events that your instructor has put on the calendar for your courses as well as other events added by the GeorgiaVIEW administrator. You can also add your own items on the calendar. Click on the Action Link icon and select Edit Calendar Day (shown above).

Calendar iconYou can also see the complete Calendar tool by clicking on the Calendar icon located in the upper right-hand corner of any page from within GeorgiaVIEW. This opens a large Calendar where you can see a month at a time, add your own entries, and other options.

Watch a movie tutorial about understanding My GeorgiaVIEW (4 minutes).

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