Navigating GeorgiaVIEW

Once you learn the basics of how to get around in GeorgiaVIEW, it will become second nature to you. Here is an introduction to getting around.

Watch this movie tutorial about navigating GeorgiaVIEW (7 minutes). (Slow connection? Watch it on YouTube).
Download a PDF of these instructions.


Tools listThe layout of GeorgiaVIEW mainly includes three parts. The tools section you see on the left here is accessible throughout your course. Note that not all tools are available in every course you take. Your instructor may have enabled some tools or disabled others. The green asterisks mean there are new entries for that category.

There are a few links in the upper right of the page as you see below.

Links in the upper right of GeorgiaVIEW

The first takes you back to your My GeorgiaVIEW homepage outside of this course. The Accessibility link takes you to a set of resources for those with disabilities needed access help. The Help link opens a help window with instructions for the kind of page you are on. And finally, the Log Out link logs you completely out of GeorgiaVIEW.

The biggest area of the page is your main content area. It will look different depending on how your instructor designed the course, but usually, there will be a Start Here link, like you see below, and links to the content of the course.

Example of a main content page

The breadcrumb trail at the top of the main content window shows you where you are in a course. You can backtrack to previous places by clicking on the link provided. In the example below, the user is on the Exercises page. Exercises is the last thing in the trail and is bold. By clicking on any of the previous links, such as Introduction to Chapter 1 or Week 1, the user could backtrack.

Breadcrumb trail

Learning Modules are usually organized by week, but may also be organized by chapter of a book or units. Inside a learning module, you will see a table of contents like below. The first item in the list will tell you about that module and how to proceed. You can go straight to items by clicking on them.

Sometimes you will use one of the tools by clicking on the task inside the learning module. For example, clicking on the Quick Quiz 1 you see in the Table of Contents below will take you to the quiz. But you could also get there by clicking on Assessments in the tool bar (see the tool bar above). This would take you to a list of assessments available in the course (unless your instructor has disabled this tool).

Learning module table of contents

Don't worry. You will be guided through each what to do when by the table of contents inside learning modules as well as the course syllabus. If you ever have trouble knowing where to go, you can email your instructor or find technical help using the help link in the upper right-hand corner. Read more about Getting help.


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