Solving the "navigation cancelled" problem in Internet Explorer

If you click on an item in GeorgiaVIEW and get the message, "navigation cancelled," or in some cases just a blank page, this is most likely due to changes in how Internet Explorer deals with security threats.

The first time you click on an item in GeorgiaVIEW that has mixed security content (don't worry, you do not need to know what this means. It is just provided here to help explain this to those who are interested), you should be presented with this pop-up message:

Security Warning: do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?

To view the contents of the page, you have to click on No, not Yes. For the remainder of your session in GeorgiaVIEW you will not see this message again and will be able to view all the content. Each time you login to GeorgiaVIEW and come upon this message for the first time, you will again need to click on No.

What if I think I already clicked Yes or am not sure?
If you already answered the question wrong by clicking Yes, or you are not sure and are still getting blank pages, simply logout of GeorgiaVIEW, close Internet Explorer, and then reopen it and log back in. The next time you try to view the content you will be presented with the warning message and can click on No.

Newer versions of Interent Explorer
In newer versions of IE, the following message may be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click Show Content to see all the content of the page.

Click Show Content

I'm using Internet Explorer 7.
In IE7 the browser asks you about security, but the question is worded so that the answer you need to provide is just the opposite: yes. In Internet Explorer 7, answer "yes" to the warning message.

Select yes when you get the security warning message

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