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A Quick Guide to alert icons

There are three alert areas
When you sign in to GeorgiaVIEW, there is a notifications area next to your name. You will see three icons there.

Message alerts are for email & pager notifications

Update alerts let you know when you have a new grade, news item or an assignment due

Subscription alerts let you know of new discussion items for any discussion you have subscribed to

A red dot Red dot will appear anytime there is something new for any of these.


Message alerts

Clicking on this notification area will allow you to preview new email or pager notices. You can also go to the pager and email tools directly from here.




Update alerts

updates alert


Clicking on this notification area will allow you to view news items for GeorgiaVIEW and your courses, updated grades and also upcoming assignment due dates (due within two days). You can click on any item to be taken to the detailed view of the item.




Subscription alerts

subscription alert

If you have subscribed to a discussion topic, any new messages or replies will appear as a notification here. Clicking on the discussion alert will take you to that topic or post.

In addition to the notification alerts, you can also receive notifications by email or by SMS. To turn on or adjust these settings, click on the dropdown next to your name and go to Notifications.

From this page, you can enable email notifications or register your mobile phone to receive notifications. You can also choose what type of notifications will be sent to email and/or SMS by clicking on the checkboxes next to the notification option under Instant Notifications.

Please note that text messaging rates may apply for SMS notifications.