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Username and Password for GeorgiaVIEW

What is my username?
Your user name is the first part of your BC email address before the @ sign ( So if John Brown's email address is, then his username is jbrown7. If you do not know your email address, log into Banner Web to see it. Read more about Banner Web.

What is my password?
Your password is originally the same as your Banner PIN, a six digit number, which was given to you when you first registered at the college. You have the ability to change your GeorgiaVIEW password from within GeorgiaVIEW. If you do this, your Banner PIN and GeorgiaVIEW password are no longer the same.

After six consecutive failed login attempts, your GeorgiaVIEW account will be locked for five minutes after which it will automatically unlock.

Forgot password linkIf your password is not working, you can reset it through the Forgot Password link in the login area. A reset link will be sent to your Bainbridge College email address. After completing the Forgot Password form, retrieve the link by logging into your BC email account.

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