Printing PowerPoint Slides

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In many cases, your instructor will provide you with a PDF of PowerPoint slides. In this case, all you have to do is hit the print button. But sometimes you will be provided with the PowerPoint files themselves, and you will want to print them. It is important that you do not print most of these as they are because they will take a lot of paper and a lot of ink. Printing PowerPoint slides in handout form is easy to do and saves that paper and ink. Here's how:

Office button and print optionOnce you are in PowerPoint and have the presentation opened, click the Office Button and then the print option as shown here on the left.

This opens the print dialogue you see below. Change the "Print what" option to Handouts and the "Color/Grayscale" option to Grayscale as shown. You can adjust the number of slides that are printed per page as you see in the circled area below. Printing six slides as shown is usually a good option. You can preview your set-up before printing by clicking the Preview button in the lower left-hand corner. When you are ready to print, just click OK. That's it! This method will print without color and will reduce the amount of paper used.

Print options


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