Problems Attaching a File

Occasionally, a student says that they have submitted an assignment, but the instructor does not see it. Most often, this happens because the student has not saved or submitted the assignment before leaving the page. Once the assignment has been attached, you must be sure to submit it or save a draft before leaving the page. Otherwise, the attachment is lost.

At the bottom of the assignment page, you will see the three options you see here. But sure to click Submit or Save as Draft or you will lose your attachment.

Submit, Cancel or Save a Draft buttons

Once you have submitted the assignment, you will receive this message.

Assignment submitted message

If everything else seems to be working in GeorgiaVIEW, but you cannot attach a file to a discussion, assignment, or email, there are a few steps to take.

Learn more about how to attach files.

Why is the file attaching as a ".lnk" file?

Occasionally, an instructor will tell a student that they cannot open a file the student has attached. When this happens, most often, students are actually attaching a link to the document instead of the actual document itself. Link files have the extension "lnk" at the end. So, for example, instead of attaching a Word document, "MyPaper.docx" you are attaching a link to that paper, or "MyPaper.lnk." So one way to avoid this problem is to look at the extension on the document to be sure you are not attaching a "lnk" file (See this page for help viewing file extensions).

Arrow in bottom left corner of icon means this is a linkYou can also see that you are attaching a link if you see the icon for the document, and it has an arrow in the corner as you see here. Be sure you also never upload files from your Recent Files folder because the files stored in that folder are all shortcut links to the actual files on your computer.

If you are sure you are attaching the document itself and not a link, then check to be sure you close the file you are working on before attaching it. For example, if you have created a Word document to send to your instructor, close the document in Word before you attach the file. In some systems, attaching a file that is open will create the "lnk" problem.


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