Problems with Email

Any time you have trouble getting some function of GeorgiaVIEW to work correctly, be sure your browser is fine-tuned correctly (even if you have done this before). Use this browser-checker to be sure you have all the right settings and are using a supported browser. Any problems with your browser will be in red on the browser-checker page.

Java problems. If the browser-checker tells you that Java is the problem, look here for more help with Java.

Attaching Files. If your problem has to do with attaching documents to an email, look here for help with attachments.

Finding recipients. To send a message to someone in your course, you need to click on the "Browse for Recipients" button at the top of the Create Message window like you see below.

Browse for recipients button

This opens another window with a list of possible recipients. Click the check-box in the "To" column next to a person's name to send the message to that person. You can also choose to "CC" a recipient (send them a copy) or "BCC" a recipient (send them a copy of this message without the other recipients know it).

Choose email recipients

Once you have chosen your recipients, be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. This adds your recipients to the message.

If none of these options helps you solve the problem, go to our help page for links to more help.

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