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A Quick Guide to navigating the content of a course

The course content area in GeorgiaVIEW has a new look that makes it easier to see all the information related to your course, but you do need to understand a few changes in the layout.

When you click on Content from the Course Home, you will see the Table of Contents. A menu on the left shows you all the modules in the course and there's an indicator to let you know how many items are in each module as well.

You see the table of contents and modules when you click on "content."

Due dates appear below content links




From Content, you can now see the required dates for assignments.








If you click on an individual module, you will see more details or directions for content items, discussions, dropboxes or quizzes (if an instructor has included them) as you see here.

Click on a module name to see a more detailed view of the module

When you click on any content item, you can navigate through the module three ways. Go forward and back to other content items by using the arrows (#1 in image below) on the top right of the content page.

There is also an area to click on links to go back to the previous content areas (#2 in image below)

Or, you can click on the small tab to the left of the content area (#3 in image below).

Navigate using the bread crumb trails at the top of the page, the arrows on the upper right, or the pop out menu on the left.


A pop out menu can be accessed from the left of any content screen





Clicking the tab on the left will open a navigational panel in which you can go to other content items or go back to the Table of Contents.







Click the title of any content link to go into it. If you cannot enter it, check the end date below it.To access any course content, simply click on the title of the content. If you hover over any course content and it does not allow you to click on it, check the date below it. If any content item has not started or has already ended, you won’t be able to access it.