My Quiz Disappeared!

If you are in a quiz and and accidentally click on the main window behind the quiz, your open quiz window will appear to disappear. But don't panic. It is not gone. It is just covered-up in a sense by the main window. Look all the way at the bottom of your screen. You will see another tab for the browser you are in or a down arrow indicating you have other windows open. It will look something like this:

Minimized window

Note the down arrow and the number 2 which indicates there are other windows available. Click on the tab. This shows you the available windows like you see here:

available windows

Click on the hidden window, Assessment. This will open it back up.

You can avoid this problem if you will maximize an assessment once you enter it. To do this, click on the maximize window icon in the upper-right of the window. It looks like this:

the maximize icon

This will fill your whole screen and keep you from accidentally hiding your assessment.

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