How do I.....Take a Quiz?

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You can enter a quiz through a direct link inside a course, if one is provided, like the one below.

Choose quiz link


Or click on the Assessment Tool link from your Course Tools menu.

Click on Assessments tool


This gives you a list of available quizzes. Click on the name of the quiz you need to take.

Read details about the quiz such as the dates it is available and how long you have to take the quiz. You must be very careful with timed assessments. Even though you can exit and re-enter them at another time, you only have the total time allotted for the assessment. So for example, you could spend 30 minutes on a one-hour test in the morning and go back into it later that day for another 30 minutes. You do not get one hour every time you enter it.

When you are ready, click Begin Assessment.

Begin assessment

Read any directions at the top. Save your answers as you go along. This will help prevent any loss of answers in case of a server error or power loss.

Screen shot of a quiz

If you accidentally click outside of the assessment window, the main window behind it will cover-up your assessment. You can get it back by reactivating the hidden tab usually by looking at the bottom of your screen and clicking on the hidden assessment.

You can avoid this problem if you will maximize an assessment once you enter it. To do this, click on the maximize window icon in the upper-right of the window. It looks like this:

the maximize icon

When you are finished, click the Finish button at the bottom. Finish button

It will ask you if you are ready to submit your quiz. If you are, click OK.

Are you ready to submit dialoge.

You will receive a message saying your quiz is submitted. Click View Attempt to see your answers if you want to. If the quiz is setup by your instructor for quick grading, you can also see right and wrong answers.

Quiz submitted page


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