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Am I ready to take classes online?

Student at a computerNot everyone is cut-out to be a good online student. It requires different skills than traditional, face-to-face classes. Is online learning right for you? Here are some things to consider:

Basic computer skills. You really need some basic computer skills to take a class online. If you do not have these skills, you can spend too much time simply figuring out how to do things rather than learning the content, and this can put you behind in the course. If you do not have basic computer literacy, such as navigating the Internet, copying and saving files, using email and such, then wait until you have those skills before taking an online class. Our course, CSCI 1000, Computer Fundamentals, will help you develop those skills.

Self-motivation and responsibility. Taking a class online requires a little more self-discipline than a traditional class because you are more responsible for learning on your own than in a regular class. If you are someone that has to have someone standing over you telling you what to do and when to do it, and then making sure you do it, you probably are not a good candidate for an online class.

Independence. Right along with self-motivation is the issue of independence. Taking a class online requires more independent work than a traditional class. Are you able to complete work mostly on your own?

Reading and writing ability. All college courses require some degree of ability to read and write well, but online, these skills are even more important. Much of the content of the course, for instance, may be provided in written form, and you may be required to participate in in-depth discussions on course topics in written form. If your reading and writing skills are not college-level, consider taking traditional classes until these skills improve.

Technical requirements. While you can use computers in the Bainbridge State College computer labs on campus—or even the public library—you will generally need your own computer and Internet access to succeed online. Your own equipment means the ability to work whenever you want without the need to come to campus. Your Internet connection will also make a difference in your online experience. While dial-up connections will work, these slow connections will make viewing media difficult and will make getting around in GeorgiaVIEW a little more time-consuming. If you can access these pages and the tutorials in them on your computer with ease, then you should be fine in GeorgiaVIEW.

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