Registering for the GeorgiaVIEW Tutorial

As a student taking a fully online WEB course, you must complete the GeorgiaVIEW tutorial to ensure you know how to use the system. Students in Foundations for Success (FYE 0100) will have access to the tutorial in their course. Any other students who have not yet completed the tutorial must register for the GeorgiaVIEW tutorial, GAVW 0000, at the same time they register for a WEB course. To register for your first WEB class, find the CRN of the WEB course and the tutorial in the schedule of classes as you see below.

The tutorial CRN is in the notes section under each WEB class



Input CRNs for both your WEB class and the tutorial



Then when registering, enter the CRN of the WEB class as well as the CRN for the tutorial, GAVW 0000, at the same time as you see here.

You only need to do this for the first WEB class you register for. If you register for other WEB courses, you do not need to register for another tutorial.



You will not be able to enter the tutorial immediately after registering for it. The tutorial will be available about two weeks before classes begin. Complete it by the first day of the semester or you will be withdrawn from online classes.

Click the Select a course link, and then the GeorgiaVIEW tutorial linkAfter you login to GeorgiaVIEW, find the GeorgiaVIEW tutorial by clicking the Select a course link at the top of the page.

Learn more about finding your courses or about logging in.