I Cannot Hear Sounds in GeorgiaVIEW

Most content in GeorgiaVIEW does not have sound, but some courses use video and other audio in some places. If you cannot hear the sound from these files, keep reading.

If you cannot hear sound, this is most likely a simple problem with your audio setup on your computer or your speakers. Play some audio from another source you have heard before on your computer such as iTunes or from YouTube. If you hear sound from them but not from the source in GeorgiaVIEW, contact your instructor to make sure that item in GeorgiaVIEW is working properly. If the instructor assures you it is, contact the helpdesk for more help (click on the Request Support tab).

If you cannot hear sound from anywhere, such as iTunes or YouTube, try the following:

Did this solve the problem? If not:

Sounds and Audio devices window



From this window, make sure the volume is turned up and the mute box is not checked.

Click on the Speaker Volume button at the bottom and make sure the volume is turned up for both channels.

Did this solve the problem? If not, click on the Audio tab at the top of this window. It will open the dialogue you see below.






Audio window





In the first section, Sound playback, make sure your sound device is highlighted in the window. If you are unsure which device is on your system, try all the ones listed. Click the down arrow to chose other devices and click OK at the bottom. Then test for sound. If you still do not hear sound, come back to this window and choose the other devices, each time checking for sound.


Did this solve the problem? If not, contact the helpdesk for more support.



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