Videos won't play

If most everything else is working in GeorgiaVIEW, but you cannot get videos to play, this is most likely because you do not have the right plug-in. In most cases, you need either Quicktime or Flash and sometimes Real Player. This browser-checker will tell you whether or not these plug-ins are installed on your computer in a list at the bottom of the screen.

Plug-ins list

The green Yes next to an item means it is installed. A red No, like you see above next to "Adobe Flash Plug-in Installed" means it is not installed. Follow the link provided to install that plug-in.

After installing the plug-in, try accessing your GeorgiaVIEW videos again. Did this solve the problem? If not, contact the helpdesk for more support.

If you see video but cannot hear the audio, look at our audio page for help.

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