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What's it like to take an Online Class?

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Is it like playing a video game?

Are they easier than traditional classes?

Taking classes online is a different experience than attending a traditional class, but it's not all fun and games. They are real college courses. Some advantages include:


But online learning also requires some effort and skills you might not need in a traditional class, such as:

Online classes are not easier than traditional classes, and for some people, the lack of face-to-face contact with an instructor may make them more difficult.

How does an online class work?
When you log in to your online class, you are presented with a syllabus and a schedule that tells you what you will be doing during the course and when various things are due such as quizzes and papers. So every week you will typically have readings to do, perhaps exercises to complete or quizzes to take.

You will read text on your computer screen—and usually in a traditional text book too—and often have the opportunity to print-out any text you want for reading away from the computer. You may also see videos or other presentations from your instructor to help you learn material as well as interactive exercises.

You get to all these things from the Content link inside a course. You are presented with a Table of Contents or Content Map for the course.

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Example of a discussion

Discussions are often an important part of learning online. These written discussions let you demonstrate your understanding of material by discussing topics in your course and sometimes offering your opinion. You may also have opportunities for live chat and other contact with fellow students.

Quizzes also take place inside GeorgiaVIEW. Quizzes are usually available to take for limited number of days, and sometimes, they may be limited in the amount of time you have once you begin a test.

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Are you ready for online classes?

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