Before you register for fall classes….

….we need to tell you about a new requirement for online courses. Beginning this fall, anyone taking a fully online WEB class will also need to register for a tutorial about using GeorgiaVIEW and complete it by the first day of fall classes. Not only is this requirement part of our effort to improve online learning, but in addition, GeorgiaVIEW will be a brand new system this fall that is new to everyone (learn more about the new GeorgiaVIEW).

So when you sign up for an online course, you must also register for GAVW 0000—GeorgiaVIEW Tutorial at the same time. The CRN for the tutorial is provided in the notes for each WEB class in the schedule of classes. You need to register for the tutorial only as you register for your first WEB class. If you register for other WEB classes, you do not need to register for the tutorial again. This free, no-credit tutorial will typically take no more than one hour to complete and will be available at least two weeks before fall semester starts.

Get detailed directions for registering here.

I understand that if I am taking a WEB class, I need to register for the GeorgiaVIEW Tutorial and complete it by the first day of fall classes.

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