Online and liveLearn how to use GeorgiaVIEW before you start an online course. You have a choice between in-person orientations on campus and an online orientation. Your instructor may also provide an orientation. Be sure to check the online course information page for more information about specific course orientations.

If you choose to join us for the online orientation, be sure to check your computer’s readiness for participating by following the directions below.

How to participate

No pre-registration is necessary, but because the orientation take places in a special online forum, it is strongly advised that you test your computer a couple of hours or even days before the orientation begins so that you can make any adjustments to your computer that may be necessary. There is no need to do this if you are using an on-campus student computer.

Run the wimba wizard run the wizard Click the Run Wizard button here on the left. Clicking this button will check your computer settings and tell you what to do if they are not compatible with the presentation. Once you have done this, you will know that your computer is ready. You will need speakers or headphones so that you can hear the presenters, and even though this wizard checks for recording ability, you do not need a microphone for the orientation. Go here for more information and help.


Login screen

You can enter the online "room" through the link at the bottom of this page. When you first enter the room, choose the Participant Login button you see here and then enter your first name. Type in your name


If you have not previously run the Wizard, you will need to do so at this point. If you have already run the Wizard, then click the link under the Wizard button like you see below.

Click here if you have previously run the wizard button.



The online orientation for summer semester, 2012 is

Tuesday, May 29th at 5 p.m.

The presentation will take up to an hour, during which, you will have an opportunity to ask questions as well. Remember to test your computer in the hours or days before orientation begins to be sure your computer is ready. Then login to the orientation through the link below a few minutes before start time to be sure you are ready to go.


Where? Anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet! Remember, run the Wizard before the orientation begins to be sure your computer is ready to go. Then on the day of the orientation, enter the room at least ten minutes before the session starts to be sure you are ready.

Take me to the orientation