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Online Classes at Bainbridge State College

Woman with laptopOnline classes offer a lot of flexibility for students, but require internet access, good organizational skills, and self-discipline to be successful. Find out more about what it is like to take an online class and learn more about whether or not online classes are right for you. See GeorgiaVIEW@BC for more about using GeorgiaVIEW.

Hybrid classes meet at least once a week in the classroom and are not listed in the orientation information below. You typically learn what you need to know about the online component of web-enhanced classes in your classroom meetings.


Orientations for Online Classes

Some classes have special orientation sessions while others do not. When they are available, specific class orientation information will be available in the Class Orientations section below. These are usually ready about a week before classes begin. Click on your class to find out if a special orientation is required or to get other introductory information from your instructor. For instance, some classes require on-campus testing. You will learn about these requirements, if any, by viewing the orientation information. Be sure to check back in the week before classes begin for updated orientation information.



Required Tutorial for GeorgiaVIEW

All students in fully online courses (WEB courses as they are called in Banner), must complete a tutorial on using GeorgiaVIEW. If you have not completed the tutorial as part of your Foundations for Success course, you must register for the tutorial when you register for your first WEB course. You login to GeorgiaVIEW and complete the tutorial by the first day of the semester. If you do not complete the tutorial, you will be removed from your online courses. Learn more about this requirement.

Class Orientations

Below is a list of online classes with orientation or introductory information provided by your instructor. If you do not see your class listed, then the instructor has only provided introductory information inside your GeorgiaVIEW class. You can access the class on the first day of the semester.

Course Instructor
English 1102 Dr. Betty LaFace