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Tools for creating online content

It used to be that teachers' biggest technological challenge was making sure their chalk didn't break. Not anymore! Here is help for the various content creation challenges you have.

Creating HTML

When you want a document to simply be viewable and readable right within GeorgiaView (as well as any web page) without students having to download and open something such as a Word file, you need to make an HTML file. There are several ways to do this and many tools to help you. See Creating HTML. If you do need to create a downloadable file, read about the best ways to do this here.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are a long-standing tradition for classroom presentations, but they can also be used online as well. Creating them and using them online, however, is not quite the same as making and using them in a classroom. Learn more.

Learning Objects

Learning Objects are pieces of content that can be used by and shared with others. There may be useful learning objects available for use in your course. Read more.


Microsoft Office provides a free collection clipart that is useful for document and presentation graphics needs.

The OIIT office has a collection of clipart available or faculty use. Come by to peruse the catalogue.

The Smithsonian Institute has a nice collection of historical, science-related, and other photographs online. These photos can be used free of royalty by students and institutions for educational purposes (see their copyright information for details).

Respondus and Studymate

Respondus and StudyMate are software applications from the same company--which explains why their interfaces look so much alike--but they do different things. Respondus allows you to create quizzes for import into our online classes while StudyMate provides you with a way to create interactive learning activities such as flip cards and crossword puzzles. We have a campus-wide license for both. If you do not have them installed on your office computer and would like them, see GeorgiaView--Faculty Resources in your course list inside GeorgiaView.

Video and Audio

You can use video and audio in GeorgiaView including those that you create yourself (see making video) or purchased from others (provided you have permission). If you need help producing media, contact our instructional technologist. Learn more about using media in GeorgiaView here.

Interactive activity tool

The Interactive Media Object Development tool (iMOD®) from the University System of Georgia is a software tool which enables faculty to design and create distinct, multimedia, interactive, learning activities for use in online or face-to-face instructional environments.

Other resources from the USG

Here is the USG resources page for faculty and staff. It includes tutorials on various topics, archives of conferences and other information.

Academic Honesty

Cheating is an age-old problem that certainly has not gone away with the advent of online learning. Visit the Academic Honesty page.