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Elwanda Coston



Wesley Whitehead


Induction participants March 25, 2012

About Mu Alpha Theta

We are a chapter of this national mathematics honor
society for high schools and two-year colleges.


        Officers 2012



   Meghan Vickers                    Stamey Avery
        President                        Vice-President



   Taylor Kirkpatrick                 Tywann Elijah
        Secretary                           Treasurer   

Graduation Honor Cords

Members who will graduate from Bainbridge College in May 2012 and have not yet picked up your honor cords should contact Mr. Wesley Whitehead at as soon as possible, but no later than April 30.  If you fail to contact him promptly, you may not receive the honor cords in time for the graduation ceremony.

Please note that we provide honor cords only for members who meet graduation requirements for Bainbridge College at the end of spring semester.  For dual enrolled students who will graduate from high school in May, we do not provide honor cords for the high school graduation.       

Member Requirements

1.  College credit in at least one of MATH 1111,
MATH 1112, MATH 1113, MATH 2261, MATH 2262,
MATH 2263

2.  3.5 GPA in all college math courses with a prefix of
MATH and a number 1000 or higher

3.  3.3 cumulative GPA in all college courses

A student who was a member in good standing of a high
school or another college chapter which has a charter
with the national Mu Alpha Theta organization can
become a member of the BC chapter without meeting
the above requirements.


Next Meeting of All Members


Location:  Main campus - room TBA




Please prepare a sample game or set of flash cards to assist 3rd and 4th grade students in learning multiplication and division tables.  You may contact Mrs. Grimes for a suggestion regarding the project.



If you became a member by March 2012 and did not get your certificate yet, please contact Mrs. Grimes.


Useful Links

National web site: